Merry LEGO Christmas From Legoland Malaysia


Legoland Malaysia Brick-Tacular Holiday Celebrations

Another year is about to close and Legoland Malaysia invited us up to attend the opening ceremony for their year end Brick-Tacular Christmas celebrations!

The Tallest Duplo Christmas Tree this side of Asia is back along with the life sized Advent Calendar for our holiday countdowns but one of the major highlights for me was the re-opening of the Kuala Lumpur (KL) section in the Mini-land.


Ever since the unfortunate fire that wiped out most of the KL section, it is has been rebuilt and is back looking as beautiful as ever thanks to the tireless efforts of the master builders at Legoland Malaysia. I will write a separate article focusing on the Kuala Lumpur cluster with an exclusive inside look at the new section!


There are a tonne of activities this year that will last from the 1st of December all

the way to the end of the month and I’ve highlighted some of the cool things that you can do at Brick-Tacular Holiday Celebrations! [Read more…]

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Ninja-wannabes training programme – Launch of LEGOLAND’s Ninjago Ride

My boys have three loves when it comes to LEGO – Chima, Nexo Knights and Ninjago. A long time ago, these Lego TV series and their characters sound like ridiculously made up words to me: Moltor, Lavelle, Merlok, Fangpyre, Garmadon, Spitta, Samukai, Ming (the name of a ghost!), Morro, Kruncha, Frakjaw, Bonezai… (and I can go on and on) – but these days everything in all these three series have found seamless integration into our daily vocabulary at home, especially with the kids.

The good thing is, each of these series has at least one or two female characters, so Becks is usually not left out.

And if all three kids had to pick a favourite – it has to be the Ninjago series, where the elusive world of ninja-hood is made accessible to them, and where it’s absolutely cool to wield ninja weapons like the sword, the shuriken, nunchuks, the scythe, and the sai,  and learn kungfu moves.

Correction (as rectified by Ben): The ninja heroes – Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane; and later Lloyd and Nya, train under Sensei Wu to master an ancient martial art called Spinjitzu. It’s not kungfu, alright.


Check out the awesome Mountain Shrine made of bricks where Ben tells me the ninjas train in private. And Nat says, “My face is like that because I am Lloyd and he is very angry.”

It was only just a while ago they were completely clueless about these ninjas and their stories.

So when LEGO Ninjago World finally opened on 4 November in LEGOLAND Malaysia, my ninja warriors at home declared that they absolutely have to head there to check it out.

They have been hearing so much about the new ride and have been anticipating its launch since our last visit to LEGOLAND.

And so to LEGOLAND we went over the weekend, despite the jam, the rain and the sick mother.
It was drizzling all of last Saturday but that never once dampened any ninja-wannabe’s spirit to defeat their enemies.

[Read more…]

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Legoland Ninjago Boot Camp Is Now Open


Legoland Malaysia Ninjago Boot Camp at VivoCity (Singapore)

As a teaser to the grand opening of the Ninjago Ride in Legoland Malaysia, they have set up a Ninjago Boot Camp right here in Singapore to give you a taste of what’s to come!

This “Boot Camp” is free to join but is only open to kids. Each child is given a “Ninjago The Ride” Bandana to wear and 30% discount voucher on Legoland Malaysia tickets.

There are 4 activity ‘stations’ for your kid to enjoy which are:

  • Strength – Learn Martial Arts from Sensei Wu
  • Focus – Colour in Ninjago Art
  • Speed – Build a LEGO Ninjago ‘mask’
  • Graduation – Collection of Graduation Certificates

[Read more…]

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Halloween Brick-or-Treat LEGOLAND Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia has launched their yearly Halloween Brick-or-Treat themed activities from now till 29 October 2016. My little angel, Olivia and her parents headed to Legoland last week to attend their spooktacular Brick-or-Treat Party Nights courtesy of Legoland Malaysia. She was so happy to be there to explore the activities.


Before I share her fun time in Legoland, let me share more about the Brick-or-Treat Party Nights, Legoland Malaysia. This Halloween theme park has extended their operating hours till 8:30pm (usually 6:00pm). The outdoor LEGO® Miniland is lighted up and tons of Halloween activities taking place at LEGO® Kingdoms. The night-tickets are available for purchase here.

What are the highlights?

Halloween Show

legoland-brick-or-treat-malaysia-johor-bahru-1-1 legoland-johor-bahru-brick-or-treatlegoland-brick-or-treat-malaysia-johor-bahru-4

An interactive Halloween show with new cast and storyline! The ‘Best Costume Competition’ for kids will also be run during the show so guest will need to dress to impress. [Read more…]

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LEGOLAND Malaysia: Enter our Brick-Or-Treat Halloween Giveaway

I like Halloween. The concept of having kids of all ages all dressed up in anything from cute Frozen outfits, Kylo Ren and Star Wars storm troopers to outright scary ghost and zombie costumes – complete with make-up and fake blood of course – is just fun. And all that just for the sake of candy. I know my kids love going from door to door in our neighbourhood, collecting as much of the loot as they can every year. And yet while it’s sweet to see them have so much fun, the ritual does get a bit mundane year in and year out, when there’s nothing different about it.


Perhaps it’s true what they say about great minds thinking alike, because Legoland Malaysia was thinking along the same lines and decided to shake things up a bit this year with their Brick-Or-Treat Halloween Nights. That’s right, it’s not just a one-night affair on 31st October, because their Halloween Party nights run every Friday and Saturday in October, with extended park hours till 9pm. Did I mention that any child wearing a costume gets free entry to the park? And, boy, did the small people love that concept. They could actually celebrate Halloween twice – once with their friends at home and once at the spookily dressed Lego Kingdom with Lord Vampyre and his creepy gang. [Read more…]

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